Jim Corbett National Park Zones

December 3rd, 2020

Jim Corbett travel guide remains incomplete without the popular zones to explore here. So, here are five zones which are segregated according to th safaris. 

Bijrani Zone: Bijrani zone is the closest to Ramnagar and is the most visited part of the National Park by day safari tourists. The landscape is a picturesque mix of dense forests, open grasslands, and river plains. Jeep safari is available in this zone and offers the chance of catching the royal Bengal tiger in its natural habitat. 

Dhikala Zone: Dhikala is the largest and arguably the most stunning part of the National Park and is situated on the side-lines of the Patil Dun valley. It offers several cozy forest lodges to travelers with panoramic views of the valley above the Kanda Ridge. Dhikala is considered to be the best zone for sighting tigers, which have been found chasing deer on the river banks. 

Durgadevi Zone: Durgadevi Zone is characterized by dense forests and varying altitudes, which are perfect for bird watchers. It is also populated by the endangered fish species, Mahsheer, that comes for breeding in the zone’s river. Tourists can stay at the Lohachair Lodge and avail the jeep safari organized in this zone.

Jhirna Zone: It is one of the most-visited zones of the Forest Reserve as the zone is open all-year-round for tourists. It was included much later into the reserve, in 1994. The zone is frequented by wild bears, which are a major attraction, along with the Bengal tigers. 

Dhela Zone: Dhela zone is the latest addition to the National Park which was added in 2014. It is open throughout the year, with the availability of safari depending on the weather. It is a paradise for bird lovers which is why you will see several bird watchers as well as photographers exploring the place.

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