Pagoda Manu Maharani
Pagoda Manu Maharani


Pagoda Manu Maharani Corbett is located in Dikhuli village, Jim Corbett National Park. It is nestled within the forest with an ambiance that represents the perfect, wild sanctuary. It is blessed with a mango orchard and lots of greenery. The resort offers 50 spaciously exciting living options to its guests divided into three categories: grand suites, sunrise sunset villas, and luxurious cottages. Each offering has that perfect sunset, sunrise, river, and forest view. They are famous for providing quality food, well-appointed efficient room service, and a safe environment for women, children, and pets.

Once you visit the place, it will definitely become you’re one of the best weekend spots. The property has a lot to offer you, for example, the growling of the tigers, jumping of the deers, beautifully hopping in and out of the grasslands, elephants playing happily, and creating their path of you. When you visit the property, you can actually enjoy all of this nature’s goodness.

If you’re looking for some memorable, peaceful, and luxurious experience in Jim Corbett, then Pagoda Manu Maharani is your go-to place. The resort has a lot to offer you at a reasonable price, making the resort value for money property. Check the resort and visit it.


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